Ecosystem and Livelihood Adaptation Network Workshop in Dar

Last week ForumCC hosted a workshop for the new Ecosystem and Livelihood Adaptation Network (ELAN), which is an initiative spearheaded by IUCN, WWF, CARE and IIED. The objectives of this workshop were to deliver a brief training on the role of ecosystem management approaches in building human resilience, to assess readiness, interest, and needs of practitioners and policy makers in Tanzania for enhancing integration of ecosystem approaches into human adaptation practice and policy. 

Learn more about ELAN here .

Read more about the workshop and get all presentations and documents here.

In addition, the workshop served as a vehicle for understanding whether and how ELAN could work with national or regional climate change networks – such as the Tanzania Civil Society Forum on Climate Change (ForumCC) - to support ongoing or future activities of the network and its members that could contribute to knowledge generation and sharing on ecosystem and livelihoods adaptation approaches both regionally and globally.

A full report will be available soon.  In the meantime, to learn more about ELAN, visit:

Get Workshop Documents here.