TNRF supported participation of grass-roots forest private sector initiatives and Media representatives during MJUMITA and MCDI Stakeholders’ Annual fora



TNRF and WWF-CEAI entered a long-term partnership contract for a programme on forest and land based investments in Tanzania (2014-2017). This three-year programme (2014-2017) is geared towards building constructive dialogue with wide range of stakeholders including private sector, Government, civil society organizations to address and contribute to responsible investments on land and forests. The main objective of the programme is to contribute to facilitating and enabling nationally owned strategic vision which encourages inclusive and sustainable land based investment in the forest sector and to identify practical solutions to mitigate existing land and associated resource conflicts; and address rights of local communities through a well coordinated informed multi-stakeholder dialogue process, evidence-based advocacy, information dissemination and engagement with media.


Implementation schedule for the first year of this partnership programme provide support for grass-root private sector initiatives (on forest activities). In December 2014 TNRF identified two relevant events: MJUMITA Annual Forum whose key theme was “Harvesting Practices for Sustainable Forest Management”, and MCDI 10th Anniversary stakeholders’ forum. The MJUMITA Forum was held on 17-18 Dec. 2014 in Dodoma Region, while the MCDI Forum was held on 20th Dec. 2014 in Kilwa District. TNRF and its partners believe that grass-roots private sector initiatives working on forest issues are an important entry point in addressing forest management issues related to utilization. If these initiatives are well strengthened, their businesses can be formalized and regulated for the benefit of both the environment and the community. Strengthening of such initiatives could also link them to national dialogues and platforms related to their activities, and hence contribute to advocacy of their rights and responsibilities.

Grass-root forest private sector initiatives

TNRF identified representatives of grass-root private sector initiatives from Kilwa District, Mkinga and Korogwe Districts (Tanga Region) to participate and benefit from and share experience with other participants. Similar, during each forum, technical personnel from TNRF and media representatives conducted round-table discussions with representatives of the grass-root private sector initiatives to introduce the TNRF-WWF (CEAI) partnership programme, and discuss areas that these grass-roots initiatives need further support. During the meeting, TNRF was represented by its CBNRM Programmes Coordinator, Mama Misitu Campaign Manager, Communication Officer, Forest Officer, and Film Technician from Maajabu Unit. Identified representatives of grass-roots private sector initiatives include small groups: timber traders, log dealers and charcoal producers.

Major issues raised from round-table discussions included: inadequate permit duration of 30 days provided for harvesting and processing timber, prohibition of use of chain saw for harvesting makes the process difficulty and time consuming, unfair payments/fines attached to expire of permit, bureaucratic procedures related to marking of harvested timber/logs using the District hammer, multiple check points and fines.

Support to participate in such fora was also extended to Media representatives from Channel Ten and Raia Tanzania. Discussion with grass-root private sector initiatives informs the programme plan for 2015.

Participants of MJUMITA Annual Forum benefited from TNRF’s presentation on Checklist for Legality of Forest Product Trade from Community Managed Forests.