TNRF guides CSOs and Private Sector in identification of common areas of concern regarding Conservation, Anti-poaching and Tourism in Tanzania

On 23rdand 24thof January 2017, TNRF hosted a meeting in Babati with CSOs, private sector, NGOs, Government, researchers and conservationists. The main objective of the meeting was to have dialogue on the common areas of concern among CSOs and Private Sector regarding conservation, anti-poaching and tourism around which advocacy agendas were developed. This was a sub-activity under the PROTECT Project main activity: "Engaging Civil Society Organizations and Private Sector in developing advocacy agendas".

PROTECT (Promoting Tanzania's Environment, Conservation and Tourism) is a five-year intervention project funded by the USAID and implemented by International Resources Group (IRG). The objective of PROTECT is to address the ever changing characteristics in Tanzania that threaten biodiversity conservation and constrain private sector-led tourism growth. Precisely, PROTECT project will achieve its objective by implementing activities in four specific areas:

 i) Policy, Research, and Advocacy

 ii) Institutional strengthening

iii) Nature-based economic strengthening and

iv) Combating wildlife poaching and trafficking.


Wildlife Working Group: