Dear Members and Partners,

Greetings from TNRF Secretariat

As you have heard, the COVID-19 pandemic cases in Tanzania, the government has taken several strict measures for one month period to protect citizens and minimize spreading: Public gathering and large meetings is kept to a minimum; Universities, primary and secondary schools closed, and events that bright together large numbers of people also suspended. 

TNRF secretariat is supporting measures government has put in place to protect its staff, members, partners and vulnerable groups we are working with, while keeping its operations running.  TNRF developed mechanisms for delivering its commitment for first quarter of 2020 including allowing some staff to work remotely, maintain working with less contact, some working groups meetings and national engagement meetings are also structured in different mechanisms that will not involve physical contacts or if necessary limited physical contacts, installed hygiene facilities at every point of the office for a few staff, members, and partners who will be physically  in the office on the needs.

May we remain positive while TNRF is testing the effectiveness of this mechanism.  Remember to protect yourself and family from COVID -19 using these steps https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public

For emergencies kindly contact

· Executive Director, Mobile: +255 652 468 219 / Email: z.faustin@gmail.com

· Finance and Administration, Mobile: 0715907295 / Email: s.ngowi@tnrf.org