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To have an effective wildlife management there should be wildlife monitoring system. A successful wildlife monitoring means monitoring data collected in time, focusing in efficiency to provide precisely the right information needed to make rightful decision in wildlife management. To achieve this it requires the right knowledge, understanding, skills and tools that will determine the success. Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) facilitated Management Oriented Monitoring System (MOMS) training to Village Game Scouts (VGS) from 26th -28th April, 2021 at Boma ng’ombe, Kilimanjaro.

A total number of 40 VGS (9 women and 31 male) from Enduimet and Lake Natron ecosystem had an opportunity to be trained on skills to improve Wildlife monitoring taking into consideration; Human rights of the indigenous people in Wildlife protection, poverty and wildlife protection, gender equity and wildlife protection, ways of dealing with Human wildlife conflicts, responsibilities of the VGS in Wildlife protection etc. The focus is to have well trained personnel that can dictate the scale, intensity, accuracy and preciseness of the monitoring estimates when using MOMS digital tools in the process. TNRF dispatched MOMS tools to Enduimet WMA through WMA secretary Mr. Peter Millanga who was very grateful insisting that the tools will simplify data collection, analysis and storage in wildlife monitoring and management. The tools include; a complete set of computer, router, android smart phones, binoculars and power banks. The dispatch was followed by the installation of the Open Data Kit collect (ODK) using the smart phones and their server (desktop) at Enduimet offices. "We are very grateful for the training and tools received from TNRF with support from WWF. We will take good care of them so that they last longer and bring meaningful impact of ensuring wildlife protection and conservation for the benefit of our WMA" Village Game Scout - Enduimet WMA. The training followed a similar training conducted in Bariadi Simiyu to Makao and Ikona WMAs on 19th to 23rd April, 2021.

The training is an outcome of the BMZ Climate Facility Project “Protection of key ecosystems, increased resilience, and adaptation for their sustainable use” a project funded by Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through WWF Germany in Partnership with Engagement Global. Project is being implemented in three WMAs- (Makao, Ikona and Enduimet) and also extends to Nkomazi wildlife corridor and Lake Natron Ecosystem implemented by WWF and TNRF in Tanzania.