Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) through ArdhiYetuProject (AYP II)conducted Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) training to Land Right Monitors (LRMs), Local Authority Leaders including the Village Chairpersons, Village Executive Officers (VEOs) and District Land Officer. The training started   from Monday 10th to Thursday 13th September, 2018 at Lutheran Conference Centre in Iringa.

The villages involved during the training were; Itunundu, Isele and Mboliboli, all from Iringa District Council. The training aimed at capacitating communities with necessary knowledge and skills so as to be able to understand their role in managing public resources, for instance requesting information and questioning their leaders and public servants on the use of public resources with regards to efficiency and effectiveness.

Participants were taken through all five SAM key stages, which are; Strategic planning and resource identification, expenditure tracking and management, performance monitoring, public integrity management and oversight management.

Among the methodologies that were applied during the training includes;

  1. Presentation; facilitators used presentation during introduction, clarification of general concepts, approaches and stages of conducting social accountability monitoring (SAM).
  2. Plenary Discussion;this involved questions and answers and role plays in a participatory way
  3. Group Work; trainees were randomly put into groups and provided with questions for discussion and generate common understanding among themselves towards conducting Social Accountability Monitoring and therefore present to the other groups.

With this activity the 12 invited participants are expected to be trainers of trainees (ToT) on the concepts, approaches and stages of conducting social accountability monitoring (SAM). Land Rights Monitors in the villages will be focal persons to facilitate and capacitate their communities on how best to monitor efficient and effective use of resources. This will as well enable communities to engage more effectively in governance process of public resources from local level to the national level. They will also be responsible with collecting evidences for effective advocacy on land related governance issues. Participants drew clear resolution to map their engagement as well as areas that will need immediate advocacy when they return home.

This training was facilitated by Tanzania Natural Resource Forum in collaboration with Policy Forum. The two institutions will keep on following and guiding the ToT throughout implementation of SAM