Proceedings of the 3rd National CBNRM Forum, 2016

On 26th May 2016, the Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) organized the 3rd National CBNRM Forum in Tanzania. The main objective of the National CBNRM forum has always bee to provide a platform for multi-stakeholder exchange of information, sharing experiences and agreeing on a common course for the success of CBNRM in Tanzania.

This 3rd forum focused its discussion on CBNRMs in the Wildlife sector in Tanzania, such as the Community Conservation and Outreach Services (CCS), the Wildlife Management Area (WMA) approach and Community-Based Wildlife Management (CBWM). Other sectors (such as forestry, fisheries and rangelands) were left for discussion through other TNRF initiatives and through its partner activities. Specifically, the forum:

  • Shared lessons, experience, current research findings and plans from current initiatives on Wildlife conservation – from the government, development partners, funding agents, national and international organization
  • Engaged multi-stakeholders and promoted dialogue on various issues and efforts related to Development and Conservation of the Wildlife in Tanzania, including discussions of possible options and innovative models on wildlife conservation
  • Promoted re-establishment of the Wildlife Working Group under TNRF coordination to work on pertinent and emerging issues and synergies with on-going initiatives.

The main outcome of the forum was the re-establishment of the Wildlife Working Group (WWG). TNRF intends to revisit and put into practice priority actions and recommendations from various wildlife-related meetings by re-establishing and strengthening a working group on wildlife.

Download a full report of the 3rd CBNRM Forum (including presentations).