International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and partners Resource Conflict Institute (RECONCILE) and Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) will have a learning visit to Ethiopia on Participatory Rangeland Management (PRM) and Experiences of Implementation, between the 5-10th September 2018.  The visit is organised by the EU-funded ILC Participatory Rangeland Management Project being implemented in Kenya and Tanzania. PRM as an approach was developed in Ethiopia, and scaled up in various areas and countries in order to improve the management of rangelands as well as the rights of local communities to those rangelands. PRM has helped to institutionalise rangeland management practices, improve local investments in them, and increased productivity.

The objectives of the visit are for technical staff of the NGOs and partners implementing:

  • To fully understand the PRM process, the stages and steps in the original PRM guidelines, and how these have been adapted to local contexts.
  • To speak and engage with the actors involved in implementing and supporting PRM at different levels including NGOs, government partners, communities, Rangeland Management Council etc.
  • To understand the challenges faced at different levels and stages in the implementation of PRM and how these were overcome.
  • To consider the opportunities and benefits of PRM, and how best these can be optimised in the local contexts in Kenya and Tanzania.
  • To understand how best PRM can be implemented in Kenya and Tanzania, what adaptations might be required, what actors/stakeholders need to be involved, and next steps.

The visit to Bale and Borana Sites and to be   hosted by SOS SAHEL, CARE, FARM AFRICA and ILRI in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

This learning visit will allow TNRF, RECONCILE, Ministries responsible for Livestock and rangeland in Tanzania and Kenya, local CSOs including KINNAPA, RECONCILE and Kiteto District council in Tanzania, Kenya country representatives to learn first-hand about PRM – its development and implementation, challenges and opportunities – from those that have been directly involved including NGOs, government, communities and technical advisors.

The EU-funded project is in its early stages in Kenya and Tanzania, at country level the project is coordinated by Tanzania Natural Resources Forum in Tanzania, RECONCILE in Kenya with technical support from ILRI. At regional level, the project is managed by ILC in collaboration with CELEP and BSF Belgium.