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Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) in collaboration with KINNAPA under Ardhi Yetu Project(AYP) plus and Participatory Rangeland Management (PRM) project implemented in Kiteto District conducted Stakeholders dialogue on November 22nd2019. The dialogue aimed at sharing experience and achievement in resolution of matters related to land conflicts, governance accountability and climate change.

The dialogue brought 73 participants including; District Executive Director (DED), District Commissioner (DC), District Chairperson, UCRT, PAICODEO and NAADUTARO. The meeting also had an opportunity to receive a representative from the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO).  From the community; the dialogue was attended by representatives from grazing clusters under PRM project namely; - ALOLE, OLENGAPA, KIMBO and NAPALAI, and District Officers (Livestock Officer, Planning Officer, Environmental Officer, Agricultural Officer, Participatory Rangelands Management Officer, members of the District Peace and Security Committee, and Village Executive Officers).

The main result of the dialogue was establishment of the District Multi-stakeholders’ Forum with the following resolutions;

  1. To ensure sustainability of the District Forum KINNAPA will assist in coordination at the district level,
  2. The meetings at district level to be done at least once a year and chaired by District Commissioner
  3. To avoid conflict of farmers and pastoralist, village leaders should assist in facilitating meetings of farmers and pastoralist and sensitize communities on dialogue as a durable solution
  4. It is a duty of every person to ensure protection of rangelands
  5. The Platform formed also should be a learning and information sharing,
  6. Members attended the meeting will form founding members of the forum
  7. KINNAPA and TNRF to assist on analysis of natural resource situation and stakeholders in the area