TNRF Breakfast debate
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Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) is a member-based network organization. It aims to achieve improved natural resource governance for sustainable rural livelihoods and better conservation outcomes.

Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) is implementing an eighteen months project titled Engaging Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) communities and Private Sector (PS) in Advocacy and piloting implementation of the wildlife Corridor Regulations. The goal of this project is to improve wildlife conservation and tourism policy through advocating for policy reforms and piloting the implementation of the new corridor regulation by engaging CSOs, local community institutions, Private Sector and the Government. Through this Project TNRF is expecting to have the following activities;

  • Television Talk Show; TNRF together with the Joint Advocacy Taskforce, Tanzania Private Sector Foundation and Tanzania Parliamentarians Friends of Environment (TAPAFE) will have a live television talk show discussing issues related to contribution of tourism sector to the national economy and challenges facing tourism business and investment climate.  The TV talk will be hosted by TBC - Tuambie Program.

The mentioned stakeholders will discuss and analyse specific issues of policies which we believe will contribute to policy review and other legal reforms which in turn will lead to improvement of wildlife conservation and the tourism business in the country.

The TV talk show will be held on Monday, 24th September from 2130hrs to 2230 hours

  • Radio Talk Show; TNRF, JAT (Mazingira Network Tanzania, Tanzania Confederation of Tourism, Community Wildlife Management Area Consortium, Tanzania Association of Tour Operator and Burunge and Mbarangándu WMAs) and TAPAFE will also be on TBC radio to raise awareness on tourism business environment. After the discussion there will be a question and answer session where citizens will have an opportunity to call and ask their question and the team will respond.  This will also be a live session, through tuwekane sawa programme on TBC radio to be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of 25th, 26th and 27th September 2018 during from 1500 hours to 1630 hours
  • Breakfast debate; TNRF will use a reputable Policy Forum platform to engage with CSOs, PSOs, decision makers and TAPAFE members to discuss issues related to contribution of tourism sector to the national economy and challenges facing tourism business and investment climate. In the course of the discussion we are expecting to raise awareness and find the best solution in influencing policy change in wildlife conservation and tourism sector in Tanzania.

           Presenter: Tanzania Confederation of Tourism 

           Discussants: Hon Jitu Soni (MP) 

                                 Hon Kemirembe Lwota (MP)         

The debate will be held on 28thSeptember 2018 at British council at 7:30 am to 9:30 am.