Journalist Training

Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) through the National Engagement Strategy (NES) project intends to conduct a journalist training (to selected few), from 15thto 16th of May, 2019 at Wanyama Hotel, in Dar es Salaam.

NES Tanzania through the Land Based Investment Working Group (LBIWG) observed a big gap in the coverage of Land and Natural Resource related matters, and therefore called for training to selected journalist from print and mass media. The existing gap is caused bylack of knowledge on how best to collect and report investigative information.

The training aims to;

  • Build capacity of journalist in reporting land and natural resource issues
  • Equip journalist with skills for investigative journalism

The training will involve participatory method to train on land issues,its basic concepts, communication skills and investigative journalism. The training will also involve sharing of experience from journalists who are working in the land and natural resource sector. The training will also provide a suitable avenue where the selected journalists will share knowledge and experience.

The training expects to have the following as an output;

  • 15 Journalist from both print and mass media will equipped with knowledge effectively report land and natural resource issues
  • Establish network of 15 journalists who shall be friends of land and natural resource
  • At least two (2)  journalists will be selected to coordinate the network (focal persons on media issues (male &female)
  • Initial media reports produced