On 23rd and 24th November 2020, Tanzania Natural Resources Forum (TNRF) through Participatory Rangeland Management (PRM) held a consultative meeting in Longido District to introduce the PRM project in the new cluster at Oltepesi village after the approval by the technical team. The meeting involved introduction of the project to the District Council officials and Village Council members for support and collaboration throughout the project implementation.


Consultative meeting with village council at Oltepesi Village
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From the feasibility study results to identify potential sites to pilot PRM, Oltepesi village was found to meet the criteria based on the status of the land tenure security, rangeland connectivity and governance, pastoralism and other livelihood options. Also, to ensure inclusivity of all the stakeholders to the project for transparency. On the first day TNRF met with the district council officials and the second day with the village council for the discussions.

This workshop provided avenue to showcase the overall objective of the project which is to improve the livelihood and nutrition status of pastoralists communities in East Africa, by improving the management of rangelands for optimal utilization, thus the projects works toward attaining security and better use of rangeland and expand the role of women in selected pastoral communities in Tanzania and Kenya.

The District and Village Council members were grateful with the new project in their area and promised to collaborate and work together to ensure that the work will be completed hence attaining the PRM project goal.

PRM is a European Union (EU) funded project through International Land Coalition (ILC) in six clusters of rangelands in Tanzania. This is across border four years’ project in Tanzania and Kenya and will be implemented through a collaboration of partners which include: Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF), Resource Conflict Institute (RECONCILE), International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Veterinaries San Frontiers (VSF), SOS SAHEL and Coalition of European Lobby on Pastoralism in East Africa (CELEP). TNRF is the implementer of the project in Tanzania while RECONCILE pilots the project in Baringo County, Kenya. Both implementing institutions will be technically guided by International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).