Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) successfully introduced at the District Council and Villages the Equitable and Sustainable Natural Resource Management Project and also conducted training to village leaders, traditional leaders, Ward tribunal members, Village Land Council members, youth representatives and people with disability representatives from 17th-21st July 2019.   

The ESNRM Project (Equitable and Sustainable Natural Resource Management Project), is a nine-month project (commencing on July, 2019 -March, 2020), funded by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS). The overall objective of the project is to create peace and harmony on natural resource utilization among various groups in the community for sustainable socio-economic development. This will be achieved by facilitating dialogues among stakeholders in the project area to provide a peaceful environment for conflict resolution, building the capacity of community members, to sustainably utilize their natural resources through identification and development of management plans to ensure sustainability of the available natural resources.

Participants from four villages: Ildonyo, Tingatinga, Elerai, and Olmolog which make up three wards namely; Sinya, Olmolog and Tingatinga were trained on land rightsLand disputes resolution mechanism, women land right which entailed the right of women to use, access, control and own land. The right to inherit in case of death and right to distribution of matrimonial properties in case of divorce or separation was also part of the training.

Finally, participants were trained and discussed on local government administration system and the powers of villagers to decide on the use and utilization of the resource including land through Village Assembly.    The training brought on board a total of 142 participants from the above named villages.