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TNRF is among CSOs that participated in the dialogue meeting on the formation of Pastoralists Platformat Edema Hotel in Morogoro for two days from 8th to 9th October 2021 convened by and supported by Care Tanzania. The meeting was officially opened by Guest of Honor Mr. IzraelKilonzo, Deputy Director of Rangelands from the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries who represented the Permanent Secretary – Livestock. The forum brought together; - Government representatives, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) including AridhiYetuProgramme (AYP) Plus partners namely; - HakiArdhi and PAICODEO, Private Sector, Research Institutes, and Community representatives.

During the meeting, TNRF shared its experience in securing livestock resources especially rangelands, and settlement of disputes among pastoralists and other land users in harmonious ways. Testimonies were shared from OLENGAPA grazing cluster from Kiteto District and the Loose Coalition of Farmers and Pastoralist from Iringa rural. 

During his speech, Mr. Kilonzo highlighted that; a total of 22 rangelands including OLENGAPA will get a Government Notice (GN) and be published in the Public Newspaper which in turn will secure these crucial resources (land) for pastoralists’ livelihoods, the main condition for rangeland to get the GN is demarcation and CCROs, he added.  

According to FAO and presentations made by the stakeholders, the sector contributes 7.4% to the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the annual growth rate of the sector is low at 2.2 percent. With acknowledgment that livestock contributes to the National economy and social welfare of the Pastoralist community, the Pastoralists Platform will be an avenue that provides a roadmap towards addressing Pastoralist's challenges in Tanzania.

On the second day, the meeting recommended that the platform will be chaired by the Chama cha Wafugaji Tanzania (CCWT), TNRF will be the Co-Chair, PINGOs Forum will be the Secretary and the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries will be the guardian of the Pastoralists Platform.