European Commision (EC) delegation in Kenya, together with Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF), RECONCILE, County Government of Baringo and community representatives from Pastoral and agro pastoral communities in Irong Conservancy  carried field visit of PRM implementation in Baringo County from 13th -17th January, 2020. PRM is a cross boarder project implemented in Tanzania and Kenya. In Tanzania the project is being implemented by Tanzania Natural Resource Forum in six clusters while in Kenya the project is being implemented by RECONCILE in four subcounties of Baringo county.

The team had two visits in Baringo; first visit was in Irong conservancy to meet the community to assess level of engagement and the benefits so far PRM has for the community. From the community consultation meeting, Irong leadership was of the opinion to address water development especially the Sukta springs which provides water for livestock, wildlife and human beings during both wet and dry season. The second visit was in Koitagen Community Forest where the community is protecting the forest as a catchment area. This catchment area is believed to be very important for smooth flow of water downstream for the benefits of pastorals and agro pastoral communities in the area.

Some of the key advice and recommendation from the assessment team include:

  • Ownership of the project should be strengthened for purposes of sustainability
  • The project need to focus on livelihoods and food security component of the project especially with rolling out of the Community Investment Funds
  • Women empowerment and involvement in the project is very key to success of the project
  • Since the project is in third year, project implementers should start handing over of the project to the target communities.
  • To achieve more on local and national policy engagement, the PRM project to work closely with national government of Kenya and County government.
  • Reporting and implementation of the project should have a regional face since it’s across border project hence much cross country visits and learning tours should be encouraged.