Emerging and Promising Practices: Securing Range lands through Youth Pastoral Associations. The case of Pastoralist Programme in Tanzania, and selected examples from Africa(Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania)


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Despite a wealth of land-related legislation, policy, frameworks, constitutional rights in most African countries pastoralist that are living in range lands are still considered highly vulnerable in terms of land rights and tenure security. There are different initiatives taken by NGOs active in land securing and planning interventions. Positive lessons can be learned from these initiatives including how the youth have been included. Through a participatory study and the review of various best practices,  this paper documents how youth pastoralist unions and associations in Tanzania, Cameroon and other African countries have been organized, their power strengthened in securing range lands and reopening  livestock routes that connect and sustain range lands in different localities. It builds on evidences including innovative pastoralist collectives; and how they have been able to influence rang land governance by pastoralist themselves.  

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