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20th- 25th May 2017, Kampala Uganda

TNRF was among Tanzania partners that represented pastoralists, famers and fisher folks groups in the first Eastern and Southern Africa Farmers forum in Kampala, organized by IFAD.

The farmer’s forum (FAFO) was held in conjunction with IFAD Regional implementation workshop in Kampala from 20-25 May 2017. On 20th and 21st FAFO was held, followed by regional implementation workshop from 22nd to 25th of May 2017.

Farmer’s forum; The Regional Farmer forum aimed to make consultation with famers association with detailed discussion on how to engage and participate toward the country and grassroots level. The regional farmers forum was the first regional level forum after the global meeting that was held in Rome in February 2016.

Welcoming remarks were made by ESA Regional Director, Mr. Sana Jatta. He said, IFAD will ensure that FAFO decentralization processes continues to strengthen IFAD's partnership, cooperation and promote accountability at country level. This is in line with IFAD strategic objectives 2016-2020, he insisted.

About 260 participants coming from 17 countries attended the forum. Participants from Tanzania include Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF), Agricultural Non State Actors Forum (ANSAF), Southern Agricultural Growth Corrido of Tanzania (SAGCOT), MVIWATA, Agriculture council of Tanzania (ACT), Fisheries representatives, Tanzania Pastoralist Community Forum (TPCF), CSOs and government staff from Zanzibar.

The ESA Regional Workshop started from 22-25 May 2017. The theme of the workshop was “Financial Inclusion for Rural Transformation”. The workshop  was a follow of deliberation of with farmer forum  global meeting and decided by governing council in 2016.

During the introduction, it was pointed out that IFAD has been engaged at global level through Farmers forum that used to meet after every two years. In the last global meeting was on February 2016,  whereby governing council with consultation with farmers groups at Global level in Rome decided to establish Regional farmers forum that meet after each two years, and Global meeting after every four years.

Ms. Z. Elizabeth from La Via Campesina, an International Peasant Movement gave a welcoming note. She said, decentralization of FAFO  from Global level from regional to country level will enable farmers to engage into monitoring and evaluation of IFAD programmes at country levels while ensuring the government are accountable, and support strengthening of existing farmers, pastoralists and fisher folks. 

Participants were informed that, decision for establishing regional forum was made by almost over 100 CSOs, farmers, pastoralists and fisher folks across the global in conjunction with Governing council. It was put clear that decentralization approach of FAFO is toward Working and Respecting Existing Organization and their structures.  Before the next global meeting and between 2017-2018 five regional fora will be organized, said Roberto Longo, from IFAD. 

The workshop shared different studies from Uganda, Madagascar and Tanzania through presentations and detailed discussion.

The major outcome of this workshop was Joint statement made by 40 farmer organizations.  Among them include key issues that Regional Forum should focus: implementation of country action plan which was developed for 13 countries including Tanzania, foster dialogue with government, mapping farmers for IFAD programme, contract of IFAD with apex organization  that support farmers organization and groups.  

To access all presentations and deliberations click www.esariw.com, and select #esaworkshop2017