Devolved climate finance approach forges new ways of working between citizens and state



Devolved climate finance programmes incorporate local knowledge and community priorities into decisions about how climate finance is planned and budgeted. At CBA 12, practitioners will discuss the different components of these programmes, exploring the environment when they are most effective and why, and sharing experiences from several contexts. 

The pilots work by establishing mechanisms that funnel money for climate-resilient development through public financial management systems down to local governments. The approach depends on local communities collaborating with government to take the lead in planning and budgeting funds for adaptation. 

This collaborative approach presents an opportunity to transform the relationship between states and their citizens by empowering communities to make meaningful investment decisions for their own future. 

All four countries have adopted some form of decentralisation. In theory, the approach offers a framework for governance that gives more power to local governments. These bodies are much better placed to develop in-depth knowledge of available natural resources and the groups who use them, whose needs are driven by varied ecological environments and local political histories. Read More...