Development of the Grazing Land Management Plans of four clusters in Kiteto District

Participatory Rangeland Management (PRM) Project have successfully developed the Grazing and Management Plans Framework (GLMPF); And On the 12th and 13th June 2020, TNRF in collaboration with KINNAPA, Kiteto District Council and Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries facilitated grazing land cluster leaders together with their political leaders (Councilors) to develop user friendly management plans for OLENGAPA, ALLOLE, KIMBO and NAPALAI grazing clusters where PRM is being piloted. The GLMPs will then be presented to the board of governors for each cluster for adoption then final approval by the cluster general assemblies.

The PRM is a four year cross border project funded by European Union with main goal of improving food and livelihoods security of pastoral communities in East Africa through sustainable management and utilization of rangelands