Longido DC monitoring visit to see investments under BMZ project.
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After the implementation of BMZ Climate Facility Project activities in Longido district by Tanzania Natural Resources Forum (TNRF) partnering with WWF in Enduimet Wildlife Management Area (WMA) and Lake Natron Ecosystem, The District Commissioner (DC) Mr. Nurdin Babu and the District Executive Director (DED) Mr. Stephen Ulaya together with district security officials, experts, TNRF as well as WWF staff had an opportunity of inspecting 27 different projects supported under BMZ facilty project in Enduimet WMA and Lake Natron ecosystem. The visit was done on 30th and 31st August 2021 to ensure completion and sustainability of the investments beyond the project period.  A total of 9 sites with different projects were visited including beehives, predator proof bomas, water tanks, modern stoves (majiko banifu), beehive fence, hostel renovation, construction of office block and information center (ongoing) for Enduimet WMA.

During the visit the DC recognized most of the investments being complete at 100% while construction assignments being at various levels of completion. For example, all 40 predator proof bomas are complete and in use, 16 plastic water tanks (10,000 litres each) are already in site, 1 water tank at Matale Secondary School had water and currently in use. The DC Mr. Nurdin and DED Mr. Stephen appreciated the efforts from TNRF and WWF for the work done emphasizing that what has been done is the government’s responsibility and therefore the support received will facilitate adjusting resources to other areas that require the same kind of investments and services. The team was also pleased with various innovation and technologies of addressing human wildlife conflicts, climate change issues and improved livelihood piloted by the project with success giving light and direction on best approaches and technologies of supporting marginalized communities  in the near future on development of projects to create meaningful impacts to the community and wildlife conservation.

In addition to the investments in Longido District, there was also ecological and socio-economic baselines conducted to determine level of livelihood of the communities, introduce/upgrade monitoring system through training of 40 Village Game Scouts (VGS) and 7 WMA management staff. Supported with preparations of climate change adaptation plans, awareness workshops, implementation meetings, supply and installation of 40 solar systems, 40 predator proof bomas, training on and preparation of 6 demo plots (40 acres) for rangeland management and supporting anti-poaching patrols, habitat assessment and wildlife surveys through payments of allowances to the VGS.

The similar project activities were also supported in Ikona and Makao WMAs in Serengeti and Meatu Districts respectively, while climate change activities were conducted in Mkomazi wildlife corridors (Kisiwanii and Kwakao villages (Karamba-Ndea) in Same and Mwanga districts.

All these activities have been implemented under BMZ Climate Facility Project titled “Protection of key ecosystems, increased resilience, and adaptation for their sustainable use by local communities in southeast Africa.”