Globally, International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated every 8th of March, where the contributions of women and girls around the world in social, economic, cultural, and political affairs are recognized and amplified.  

In Tanzania, the IWD was nationally commemorated on Tuesday 8th March 2022, where every region had an opportunity to collaborate with Civil Society Organizations to celebrate this special day for women and girls, with the theme “Generation equality for sustainable development”.

In the Arusha region, the IWD celebration was held at Sheikh Amri Abeid Karume Stadium and attended by Hon. John Mongella, Arusha Regional Commissioner was the guest of honor, accompanied by the Deputy Minister of the constitution and legal affairs Hon. Geoffrey M. Pinda, and the Ambassador of Ireland in Tanzania. Other participants were representatives of women and girls from the national and international NGOs, CSOs and CBOs, Local communities, entrepreneurs, civil servants, and Media within the region.

Tanzania Natural resource Forum (TNRF) was among the CSOs that attended and collaborated with the regional government to make this event possible. One of the emphasis was on raising awareness to the rural women on securing land rights as a source of community development and improving educational facilities for girls.

When it comes to gender equality, women and girls have had a significant effect. It is now time to shift community attitudes regarding women and girls and provide them with equal chances in social, political, cultural, and economic concerns for a brighter tomorrow.