Provision of consultancy services to support capacity building and trainings of communities in Enduimet WMA and Lake Natron Ecosystem on pasture and holistic rangelands management. 

Position: Consultant

Start Date: 6th July, 2021

End Date: 7days

Assessment Area: Northern Tanzania Enduimet WMA and Lake Natron Ecosystem

Reporting To: TNRF Executive Director through BMZ Project Lead at TNRF

Project Name: Protection of key ecosystems, increased resilience and adaptation for their sustainable use by local communities in southeast Africa

Enduimet, Ikona and Makao Wildlife Management Areas have unique ecosystems of outstanding importance for the protection of global biodiversity. There are still large continuous natural areas with viable populations of numerous endangered species. At the same time, the people living in these areas are particularly dependent on the conservation of these ecosystems, their biodiversity and their services. Nature tourism is overall one of the most important economic sectors in Tanzania. However, the ecosystems mentioned above are increasingly affected by the impacts of climate change, such as more frequent droughts and sporadic heavy rainfall, which are exacerbated by increasingly unsustainable forms and intensities of use, such as overgrazing, a growing population and an increased economic development pressure. Numerous conservancies and their functions are threatened by this. There is therefore both an urgent need for adaptation and diversification of income flows and a short and medium-term need for support to maintain and strengthen the proven community structures for the future and to adapt them to the rapidly changing climate and economic conditions.