AYP experience in the Community Based Adaptation (CBA12) conference


Ardhi Yetu Programme (AYP) partners has been privileged to attend, share and gain experience in the CBA12 conference in Lilongwe, Malawi. The Conference is taking place in Lilongwe starting from 11th to 14th June 2018. The conference has focused on getting local expirience Locally-driven action that addresses climate challenges.

The conference has brought more than 270 participants from 47 countries to come and share practice that;

  • Showcase lived experiences, tools and examples in the CBA market place
  • Put forward and discuss burning issues around key themes in the open space
  • Exchange knowledge and share expertise in the skills clinics on topics such as monitoring & evaluation, accessing climate finance, developing proposals, communications, and more
  • Build pitches with climate investors for innovative finance for locally driven climate adaptation; decentralized climate finance programmes; and adaptation technology investments.

The CBA12 programme is being conducted in two days of workshops, followed by two days of multi-stakeholder dialogues.

Days one and two has brought practitioners together under three work streams:

  1. Transforming 'lived experience' and local knowledge into evidence that drives better policies and investments
  2. Building a shared understanding of effective devolved climate finance, and
  3. Innovating in applying adaptation technology.

On day three and four, policymakers and investors will join for the multi-stakeholder dialogues to discuss and plan locally-driven climate investments and the enabling environment needed for scaling out and up; and ways to further strengthen our community of practice.

Also, on day four the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Least Developed Countries Expert Group will convene the Regional National Adaptation Plans (NAP) Expo as part of CBA12. This follows the Regional NAP Expo programme at CBA11 please see attached and this year will explore issues including how well locally-driven climate action is working within NAPs.

About Ardhi Yetu Programme II (AYP II): is the five years programme funded by CARE Denmark. The AYP I was implemented in two years (XX) and the second phase 'AYP II started on May 2018 up until 2023.

The Ardhi Yetu Programme (AYP II) prioritizes the following areas of focus:

  • Increasing community’s capacity to be activists for land rights and develop their own climate resilience strategies to drivers of risk.
  • Developing advocacy campaigns spearheaded by a stronger civil society based on community priorities, with a particular focus on the Government priorities of investment.
  • Developing an accountable and transparent land sector, particularly at government and private sector level.

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