Tanzania Natural Resources Forum (TNRF) a National ICCA Catalyst organization of Global indigenous and Community Conserved Areas and Territories Initiatives (GSI-ICCAs) in collaboration with UNDP GEF Small Grant projects in Tanzania led the recruitment and awarding of 12 local NGOs for the GSI-ICCAs phase II.  It is the implementation of several indigenous community-based conservation projects that will be implemented in various parts of Tanzania using UNDP Self- Strengthening Methodologies.

On 18th October 2021, the selected ICCAs organizations who are also TNRF members signed contracts with UNDP-GEF.  The ceremony was held at TNRF offices and the projects started implementation from September 2021 for sixteen months. These indigenous community-based conservation projects worth 390,000USD will be coordinated by TNRF to contribute to enhancing biodiversity conservation, improved sustainable livelihood, and gender within ICCAs.

The approved ICCAs projects range from the following:

  1. Environmental protection by using traditional knowledge  –Media Aid for indigenous and pastoralists Community (MAIPAC)
  2. Reforestation and  conservation of Lendikinya forests to improve Environment, Ecosystem and Community livelihood –Baraza la WanawakewakifugajiMonduli (BAWAKIMO)
  3. Enhancing land tenure security and grazing rights for sustainable pastoral livelihoods in Arumeru district- Women development for Science and Technologies (WODSTA)
  4. Construction of Charcoal dam at Nyantare village in Guta ward in Bunda district to supply water for livestock and drinking and Domestic purposes – Mtendeni environmental Strategy (MES)
  5. Up calling Improved Pasture  production in Monduli district- Community Research and Development Services (CORDS)
  6. Kiteto Participatory ecosystem Management – KINNAPA Development Programme (KINNAPA)
  7. Secure tenure for Pastoral Communal Grazing Land and capacity building for land rights in Simanjiro District, Manyara -Pilot Light development Organization (PILIDO)
  8. Empowerment and Livelihood Promotion in Hadzabe Community- Afrinurture for Peoples Development (AFRIPEDO)
  9. Securing Pastoralist Land through Certificates of Customary Rights of occupancy in longido district – Ujamaa community Resources Team (UCRT)
  10. Developing Sustainable Range and Management plan and Establishing Pasture farms for EnduimentCommunity Wildlife Management areas society –Enduimet Community wildlife Management Area(ECOWMAs)
  11. Simanjiro Adaptation and mitigation of the impacts of Climate change –Pastoralist economic and Social Advancement (PESA)
  12. Sustainable Forestry Management to Secure Multiple Benefits in Essimingor and Selela forestry conservation in Monduli– MaasaiPastoralits Development organization (MPDO –Lareto
  13. TNRF will undertake a key coordination role, technical support to trusted GSI-ICCAS members  to implement the above projects,  monitoring and documentation of the ICCAs projects in Tanzania