Tanzania: multiple stakeholders debate land governance challenges



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Tanzania is currently reviewing its national land policy. To better enrich the process, the Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) is encouraging inclusive participation of multiple stakeholders via public debates and discussions at all levels. 

TNRF, an ILC member first supported multi-actors discussions at district levels, before collaborating with the NES process in Tanzania and Policy Forum to set up a national debate on the issue.

From researchers, academia, land and gender experts, to government officials, civil society and the private sector, over 40 stakeholders gathered at the British Council in Dar es Salaam, on November 24th 2017 and discussed land challenges and opportunities to strengthen the new policy in making.

The debate focused on people centred land governance and I talked about possible solutions to protect rights of the poor and vulnerable including women, while Dr Stephen Nindi, Director for the National Land Use Plan Commission (NLUPC) discussed the contribution of land use plan in the protection of community land and for the enhancement of land governance