NES Monitoring Visit in Kilombero and Kilwa


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The National Engagement Strategy (NES) in Tanzania (NES) is a national strategy employed by Members of the International Land Coalition (ILC) that aims to promote People Centred Land Governance (PCLG), bringing about transformation in land governance at country level. The NES approach is to work towards two main outcomes: a) The setting-up of a multi-stakeholder platform on land governance for policy dialogue and knowledge sharing; and b) A country strategy for engagement on land governance developed and agreed upon by all actors involved. 

On 28th of August last year (2017), members of the Land Based working group identified areas for monitoring which includes Kilolo, Mvomero, Kilwa, Ngorongoro and Kilombero. From 16th to 27th of October, 2017, Members of the LBWG through TNRF conducted the first project Monitoring visit in the areas. This was followed by the District multi-stakeholders Forums in Kilolo, Kilombero, Mvomero and Kilwa District putting emphasis on investment that take into regards people centred land governance. Out of these activities the findings demanded further monitoring of the areas due to their investment challenges. In that case, members of the LBWG through TNRF undertook monitoring in Kilwa and Kilombero from 25th to 31st of January, 2018. .

Objectives of the monitoring visit

The intended monitoring visit in Kilombero and Kilwa aimed at following up key resolutions entered during District multi-stakeholders fora and those identified by the situational analysis report. It also intended to enrich monitoring tools before finalised and testing the same. The visit was done by conducting meetings  where TNRF officers met District Executive Directors from both Kilombero and Kilwa in their respective districts and district officers from departments of land, environment, community development/ social welfare, legal and corporative societies /associations ( Kilombero in particular) . On the other hand, especially in Kilwa we met with village leaders and villagers especially women from Nainokwe, Mavuji, and Migeregere to monitor impacts of Bioshape investment and following up district commitments on partial return of the acquired land. In Kilombero, the team met with Kilombero Sugar Co. This also involved face to face discussion and Group discussions.

We were able to  reach 10 district officers, 6 village leaders, 9 villagers and 2 representatives of investment companies to inform on the feedback on first monitoring visit and multi-stakeholders forums conducted for monitoring tools finalization process, prepared monitoring visit report. There was successful collection of information to inform monitoring tools on social accountability finalization process