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November 1, 2012

ARUSHA-Twenty civil society organizations have provided recommendations on ways to strengthen and improve the social and environmental aspects of an intended public-private initiative that aims to address food security and development in Tanzania's Southern Corridor. 

On October 31st, the group of CSOs submitted their feedback to the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (known as ‘SAGCOT') in response to a call for feedback on SAGCOT's draft "Green Growth Investment Framework" (known as the ‘Greenprint').The CSO's commend SAGCOT for producing a framework that outlines strategies for environmentally sustainable and equitable investments, but they call for more detail, clarity and strength to ensure that this initiative truly is sustainable, broad-based and pro-poor.


Pastoralism, Policy Analysis and Advocacy – A Training

From October 22 - 26, TNRF held a training in Mwanza on Pastoralism, Policy Analysis and Advocacy. The training was part of a TNRF and CARE project known as the "Pastoralist Program", which seeks to reduce poverty and vulnerability of pastoralist communities in Tanzania, with the purpose of advancing pastoralist men, women and children's right to a sustainable livelihood.  The training in Mwanza brought together CSO representatives, Local Government Authority and district leaders from districts in the Lake and Central zones. 

Read more about the training here.


‘Let’s Talk Land Tanzania’ – A new web portal is launched

‘Let’s Talk Land Tanzania’ – A new web portal is launched

October 16th marked World Food Day, and it was also the same day that Action Aid officially launched the ‘Let’s Talk Land Tanzania’ online portal.  This portal provides a platform for CSOs, community members and others to share and access information about land issues across Tanzania. TNRF, together with other members and partners, were present for the launch. The launch not only brought together practitioners and partners, but it also provided a space for community members to testify about land grabbing cases they have encountered in their areas (Kilwa, Kisarawe and Kiharaka).The guest of honor informed the participants, "When we talk of food matters we talk about land. We need to work together and it is our responsibility to organize ourselves at different levels".

Go here to see what Tanzania is talking about…


TNRF Invited to Present CBNRM Stocktaking Exercise at National Natural Resource Sector Review

The Donor Partner Group on the Environment works closely with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to host an annual sector review. Last year was the first time civil society was invited to participate, and TNRF and WWF were invited as the representatives. This year, TNRF was not only invited again, but this time, we have been given the opportunity to share CS perspectives on the state of CBNRM in Tanzania. Go here to view the presentation.



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