Pastoralism for a Sustainable Future


Dec 9th – 15th 2013

Ending the year 2013 in Kaijado- Kenya is a global gathering of mobile livestock keeper from over 40 countries from all over the world including Tanzania. Hosted by IUCN in collaboration with UNEP and WAMIP [World Alliance for Mobile Indigenous People], this gathering mainly aim to strategize on implementing sustainable pastoralism for a sustainable future. TNRF, as a stakeholder of natural resource governance, had a pleasure to be part of this united gathering and from it; voices and experiences for Tanzania were shared.


Training on Environment, Climate Change and Gender Mainstreaming in the context of Land Rights and Pastoralism

The Pastoral Programme is a program being jointly implemented and managed  by TNRF and CARE, and is a four year project(2012-2015) funded by Irish Aid. The program is implemented through partnership with registered Tanzanian civil society organizations (CSOs) that work to improve the capacity of communities to overcome poverty reduce vulnerability and strengthen the rights of men and women for sustainable livelihoods.


Stakeholders meet for EAC's meeting on Pastoralism and Drylands Development

On June 17th to 18th 2013, The East Africa Community(EAC) regional secretariat called a session to discuss the regional issues on land in Drylands of EAC and thereafter develop a regional action plan for pastoralist in these Drylands. In this regard, TNRF participated as a key stakeholder working in the area of Pastoralism and Drylands development in Tanzania alongside a few other representatives from Tanzania including the Ministry of Livestock Development and Fisheries; and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives. Other equally important participants were official representatives from other Partner States, that is, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.


First African Travel Trade Event to Support Climate Change Mitigation

ARUSHA - A local company and indigenous community have helped to make the Karibu Travel and Tourism Fair 2013 the first travel industry fair in Africa to offset its unavoidable carbon emissions.

Partnering with Carbon Tanzania, Tanzania's first and only company dedicated to sourcing and developing community-based carbon forestry projects, the Karibu Travel and Tourism Fair is not only demonstrating its commitment to environmental sustainability, but also to social and community development. Karibu Fair is the leading travel trade event in East Africa.



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