Convening for Community-Based Conservation

CBNRM Workshop

On Thursday representatives from the government, development partners, academic institutions, and national and international civil society organizations gathered together to discuss the status of community based natural resource management (CBNRM) in Tanzania. The workshop was hosted by TNRF and it was the first of what is hoped to become a series of dialogues on CBNRM.  The aim is to provide a platform for multi-stakeholder exchange of information, sharing experiences and agreeing on a common course for the success of CBNRM in the country. The platform is part of the regional Southern Africa CBNRM Forum (SACF) of which TNRF is a member.


TNRF participates in Development Partner Group meeting on the Environment

Both The Guardian and the Citizen have reported on the high-level Development Partner Group meeting on the Environment (DPGE) that was hosted in Dar es Salaam last week.  The meeting was significant because it provided space for the Government of Tanzania to voice their priority environmental concerns to DPGE.  Being the only CSO invited to attend, TNRF was fortunate to have an inside look and to lend a civil society perspective to the discussion.

"A lot of discussion focused on many of the natural resource challenges we face today - such as climate change," says Alais Morindat, Project Coordinator for TNRF's Climate Change Adaptation Program. "But there was also a lot of attention given to post-Rio+20 and green economy issues, and opinions were shared about how DPGEs can best support Tanzania in sustainable, green development."

The meeting also brought up the forthcoming Africa Ministerial Conference on Environment (AMCEN) Civil Society Workshop that will take place in Arusha from 7th to 9th September 2012. The purpose of the meeting is to enable civil society actors from Africa participate in a dialogue aimed at taking stock of Rio+20 Conference held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and charting a common Civil Society position in the approaching COP 18 to be held in Doha, Qatar and beyond. TNRF will also participate in this event.


Forests, Communities and Governance – The Mama Misitu Campaign is Launched!

The Mama Misitu Campaign was officially launched on July 31st in Dar es Salaam.   The launch was a success and brought together various stakeholders including the Regional Commissioner for the Coast, representatives from the Finnish and Norwegian Embassies, government institutions and Civil Society organizations.  One participant,  a farmer from Rufiji, spoke about  the importance of forests to local communities, and how Mama Misitu plays an important role in raising awareness. “Without taking ownership, villagers would not have seen the importance of protecting forests and trees.”

Learn more about the event and the Mama Misitu Campaign here, and find out what people are saying.


Mama Misitu Campaign Launch

Mama Misitu Campaign Launch

The new five-year Mama Misitu Campaign will be launched at the end of this month in Dar es Salam. Eleven partners will implement the Mama Misitu Campaign. Those partners are: LEAT, TNRF, Femina HIP, MJUMITA, JET, Policy Forum, TRAFFIC, TFCG, MCDI, WWF, and WCST. At the event, local communities and a panel of experts will speak about the benefits and challenges of improving forest governance.

Note: this is a closed event.



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