New Report on Cross Border Timber Trade Between Kenya and Tanzania

Cross Border Timber Trade Between Kenya and Tanzania 
TNRF and the East African Wildlife Society have published the report, "The Trade in Forest Products between Kenya and Tanzania."  The report shares findings from a study that monitored trade of forest products across Kenya and Tanzania border points.  

Read the report here: or download the PDF here.

How Climate Change has transformed Pastoralists' way of life

The Citizen Chief Reporter, Lucas Liganga, recently visited Longido District to learn more about the implications of climate variability on drylands, especially on pastoralists.  Through interviews and observations, he learned about the impacts of the 2009 drought, and the need for adaptive capacity and flexibility in light of a changing climate. Read more on how TNRF & IIED have worked towards supporting pastoralist communities and district and national efforts...

Link to the article:

Kikwete Warns about Environmental Challenges

President Kikwete has urged Tanzanians to participate in activities aimed at conserving our environment. Speaking on International Environment Day, he said that not all is well with the state of environment in Tanzania, due to destructive activities, such as a high rate of deforestation.

He urged all stakeholders and development partners to support Tanzanians in conserving the country's natural resources: " If we don't take remedial measures to conserve the environment, our lives will be in danger."

Such words are very encouraging.... Read more here.

Green Economy in Africa – CSOs Perspectives

Green Economy

Geofrey Mwanjela, Head of Programs at TNRF, is participating in a panel at the African Development Bank's Annual meeting here in Arusha. The panel topic is on natural resource management and the green economy in Africa - CSOs perspectives.



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