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6th Forum of CSOs exhibition at Dodoma Parliament grounds

On 28th May, 2013 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) convened at the parliament grounds in Dodoma for a three day exhibition supported by The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) and organized jointly by 7 CSOs. The aim of this event is to build the relationship/collaboration between MPs and CSOs. The CSOs will also get an opportunity to present their views and opinions on the Gas Policy and also provide recommendations on how to increase government revenue.

The Speaker of the United Republic of Tanzania, Ms Anne Makinda officially opened the Exhibition attended by 70 CSOs invited from all over Tanzania. In her official speech she thanked FCS for giving her the opportunity to open this CSO exhibition. She went on and assured the participants that;

  1. The government and MPs recognize the role of CSOs in supporting development initiatives in the country
  2. Collaboration between CSOs and MPs is of critical importance in our country which cannot be underestimated and is important to all stakeholders
  3. There is a lot of developments going on in parliament and it's important for CSOs to be updated on these developments because these influence government policies and programmes.



Conservation Body Expresses Concern to Tanzanian President that Loliondo Land Decision is Not Pro-Conservation

May 22, 2013

An international consortium of local communities, indigenous peoples and NGOs express concern to the Tanzanian Government that the proposed Loliondo GameControlled Area (GCA) will threaten both conservation and local livelihood interests.

In a letter addressed to President Kikwete, the Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT), and others, the consortium says they are deeply concerned that excising 1,500 kmof disputed land from community access "could only have a major negative effect on local livelihoods and social wellbeing."  Furthermore, the letter states, "it could create a serious and lasting impediment to sustainable conservation practices in the broader Serengeti region."


Engagement with investors to address sustainable forestry management

This week, TNRF is participating in a workshop on ‘New Generation Plantations Platform (NGP) for Responsible Plantation Forestry in South Africa and Africa" in Durban, South Africa. The workshop is part of the New Generation Plantations Project managed by WWF in partnership with wide range of other stakeholders. The NGP provides a platform for stakeholders to discuss issues pertaining to plantations forestry. This year's workshop has drawn private sector and other stakeholders from across globe underpin opportunities and share lessons on plantation forestry and locally controlled forestry. Apart from TNRF, Tanzania is represented by participants from Green Resources and WWF - Tanzania.


Training on Pastoralism, Policy Analysis and Advocacy to CSOs, LGAs and local leaders in Babati

This week from 6th to 10th May 2013, TNRF has organized training on pastoralism and rangeland production systems to representatives from Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Local Government Authorities (LGAs) and local communities in Babati district. This training is part of the Pastoralist Program implemented jointly by CARE and TNRF. The training is aiming to equip sub-grantees under the programme, pastoral CSOs and local governments' authorities with skills to effectively implement the pastoral development projects.  The training intends to realize the following objectives:

  • To enable participants from implementing CSOs, LGAs and local leaders to define and internalize concept of pastoralism for better management of resources and livelihood.
  • To equip participants with knowledge and skills on pastoral systems, policy analysis and advocacy.
  • To familiarize participants with approaches and steps to follow when doing policy analysis and evidence-based advocacy at the local level.  
  • To enable the organizations in the training practice, integrating and accommodate pastoral systems into natural resources management initiatives in their respective localities for betterment of pastoral livelihoods.
  • To enable participants understand the challenges in the pastoral livelihoods systems in Tanzania.



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